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  • I cannot record audio in EXPORT mode.

    In [EXPORT] mode, only audio input from external equipment can be recorded. (To record of Master Out of rekordbox, please use recording function in [PERFORMANCE] mode.)

    Please check the followings:

    • Is the version of rekordbox 4.2.1 or later?
    • Is your computer connected to external equipment via a USB cable?
    • Open [Preferences] > [Audio] > [Audio] to check external equipment is selected from the menu.
    • Open [Preferences] > [Audio] > [Input channels] > [Input Record] to check external equipment is selected correctly from the menu.

    When using a DJM as external equipment, click the [Setting Utility] to open the Setting Utility window. Select [MIXER OUTPUT] tab and select mixer audio output for each channel.

    • Check if the volume of recording is zero or not?
      Adjust the volume by turning the level knob while checking the level meters.

    • Check if the disk has enough space to save the recorded files.
    • Check if destination of the recorded files is correctly selected.
      Open [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Recordings] > [Recordings] and check [Location of Files].