Enhanced track browsing

Selecting tracks is quicker and easier thanks to new functions such as My Tag and Preview.

  • Add pre-set and personalised tags with a single click, and use them to refine searches and find tracks quickly.

  • Make a note of great mixes; simply click Match when two tracks are playing in preview, and rekordbox will automatically suggest the match again when you play one of the tracks in the future.

  • Select track characteristics, e.g. key, BPM or genre, to view other tracks with similar characteristics. Plus, use the Match feature to assess this against well-matched mixes you've already performed.

  • View and select music direct from playlists via a waveform display then play tracks from a specified point, just like dropping a needle on a record.

  • Bookmark playlists and playlist folders to easily find tracks even within complex sets or folders.

Playlist Palette enables intuitive playlist editing

View up to five playlists simultaneously to move tracks between them more intuitively. Small-scale display is also possible when not editing playlists.

Assign colours and comments to cue points

Add comments and colour coding to your cues, to give a visual representation of playback position and pre-set points.

Mix Mode to audition tracks for mixes

Play two tracks and use the in-software crossfader to audition the mix.

Sync Manager for easy management across all devices

View playlists from multiple software and devices, such as rekordbox/iTunes/USB, and sync to the latest version with one click.

Enhanced performance features for simple set preparation


2-line display

1-line display

Choose from two new display modes: a 2-line view with the whole artwork, and a 1-line view showing just the top half of the artwork.

Full color wave display

View the makeup and progression of the music, with a waveform display showing bass as red, mid-range as green and high frequencies in blue. Easily set cues and loops in this mode.

Beat Jump

Move the track on by a set number of beats or bars.

New algorithm for beat point analysis

See even more accurate beat information thanks to an improved beat position analysis algorithm.

HDD drive export

Faster export to HDD, plus the ability to import from external HDD devices.

Back ground export

Export playlists and music data even while carrying out other operations.

Improve import speed

Import music even faster.