Pioneer DJ

License key

In order to use rekordbox you will need a License Key. Once you complete the user registration form on our Support Site, we will send you an email to the provided email address which contains your License Key. If you cannot receive any Pioneer email, please check the following:

Usage of personal information

Your personal information is gathered via our website so that we may:

  • provide customer support for the product you have purchased.
  • provide email updates containing important product and event information.
  • gather questionnaire information which will be used for future product improvements.
※Any personal information gathered from our customers is completely confidential and protected in accordance with our privacy policy.

For registering users

When completing the registration, please take note of the following:

  • Please be sure to enter the correct information in the required sections.
  • There will be times when services which become available after registration will be added, changed, or removed without prior notice.
  • Please abide by all rules of use, precautions, and other specific details which are outlined on the user registration page.
  • From time-to-time we may send you news regarding the latest rekordbox information.

Important information regarding your browser.

  • To protect our users' personal information, data transmissions are encrypted with SSL 3.0 (128 bit password strength)
  • When using anything besides the recommended browser, SSL encrypted communication may not work properly. If this occurs, please obtain the latest version of the recommended browser and use it instead.

Important information regarding use from work.

When accessing from work, there may be cases where SSL encryption does not work properly due to firewall or proxy restrictions. For additional details, please contact your network system administrator or the appropriate party responsible.

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